Consequenties van de keuze

Het is niet de keuze op zich die de keuze moeilijk maakt, maar het zijn de consequenties van de keuze.

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Op 1 september 2013 heb ik op uitnodiging van TEDx een pitch-talk gehouden over het idee wat ik waardevol acht om te verspreiden. Bijgaand de integrale tekst.

Inmiddels heeft het idee concrete vorm gekregen; Club van Eigenheid (zie elders op deze site).

Hello my name is Robert Flierman,

My idea started with a confession I made to myself a few years ago

After spending 25 years in business I had reached the conclusion that I didn’t belong there

I had to admit that I found myself many times restricted, too many rules, too many codes

I was sometimes appalled by the focus on money, there’s more than only that

No matter the age of my colleagues, I often felt the youngest

To quote the Apple-commercial; I was the round peck in the square hole

To be honest, I was pretty confused


What went wrong?

It couldn’t be my experience

My IQ is above average, so I’m told

It couldn’t be my education, I studied BA at the university of Groningen

A choice I made at the age of 18.

But at that age what did I know about work?

What did I know about myself at that age?

What do I know about myself?

I decided then to take some personality-test and there was the answer I was looking for,


The outcome of these test were always the same,

I am friendly, people-oriented, creative and highly independent.

That’s who I really am

Not the material tough businessman are made of

I studied something to become someone who I am not


I found out that I was not the only one,

Labour-related surveys point in the same direction; many people are not happy with the work they do

Almost 50 % of the brainworkers indicate that their work doesn’t match their personality,

20 % of them say they have pursued the wrong career,

50 % indicate they now would choose a different study.

Many of us suffer from the mismatch between who we are and what we do


That’s my idea I think worth spreading


“Let the personality of our children be a guide for the choices they going to make; their study and their career”

So I am calling out tot everyone involved in the Dutch education system.

Let school be the place where you learn about many different subjects

But also let school be the place to learn about yourself.

Please use what is already there.

Please use the personality-instruments already so often used in the adult-world.

Besides teaching, coach as well

Let education in this way be the stepping stone to fulfilling work, work that makes one happy, work that fits.

Because the perfect job is the perfect match between what you know and who you are

Thank you